Here’s To New Beginnings!

First blog entry. Talk about pressure to whip up some quality writing! I started a blog called Marom Aviv one year ago in an effort to inform my friends and family on my whereabouts while abroad in Tel Aviv, Israel. However, the blog failed when I realized that I preferred to be out enjoying every moment of my incredible experience than sitting inside typing everything up. Truthfully, I was far too immersed in the Israeli culture and blogging just didn’t fit into my schedule.

Fast forward to one year later and it’s currently 2:51 p.m. on a Friday and I’m comfortably relaxing in my bed. I’m a second semester senior and I don’t feel guilty about being a bum right now because I’m VERY aware that in three months, I’ll either be searching for a full-time job or (fingers crossed) will be employed. Similarly to my time in Tel Aviv, I’m enjoying every last-minute of my fart too short college career. Anyways, I decided to change my old blog name into something more suitable for my passions for public relations and social media. Marom Aviv Media is a mix of my last name, my true love for all things related to Tel Aviv and the media world that I will soon be entering. Additionally, because I’m addicted to food photography and am passionate about climate change, I plan to include blog posts on these topics. Sorry in advance for all of the random postings but these are my areas of interest.

One piece of advice that I wish I could scream out to all underclassmen is this: declare your major early and take 15-16 credits every semester so that by the time senior year rolls around, you can qualify as a part-time student and only take a couple of classes. As a sophomore, I used my extreme organizational skills to plan out every remaining semester at Syracuse. Somehow, I managed to complete most of my requirements, receive credit abroad and as a result, I’m only enrolled in three courses. If you couldn’t tell, I’m really enjoying my chill semester. On top of all of that, I LOVE my classes. Just ask my parents; I visited home last weekend and I think I spent half our time together blabbing about my courses.

I’m currently taking three Newhouse courses: (1)Race, Gender and the Media, (2) Communications Law for Public Relations and Advertising and (3) Social Media You Need to Know. The latter class is actually the reason I decided to create this blog. Thanks to Dr. William Ward (@DR4WARD) I’m becoming an expert on all major social media platforms. Name a social media website or application and I bet I’m on it. Facebook, Instagram, Google+, LinkedIn, Vine, Klout, HootSuite and the list will grow as the semester unravels. So far, I have learned so much invaluable information and I couldn’t be happier that I am taking these courses right before I enter the real world. I’ve become a social media extraordinaire, a law nerd (I literally enjoy reading the textbook) and I’m more aware than ever before about the importance of gender and racial equality in modern-day media. All I can say is thank you Newhouse for allowing me to take such diverse and valuable courses. I look forward to writing future entries!

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