Al Gore To the Rescue

I was casually scrolling through my Twitter feed the other day when I learned some really awesome news: Al Gore is launching a new website called Reality Drop. The Huffington Post article that caught my attention does a great job of explaining the significance of the website:

“It’s happened to all of us. Sometime in the middle of dinner, or hanging out with friends, someone says they’re not sure climate change exists. And you’re suddenly at a loss for words.

The solution, according to former Vice President Al Gore, is a new social media tool designed to tell users the scientific truth about global warming. The tool (really more of a game), called Reality Drop, was unveiled today at a live event in Long Beach, California.”

The unfortunate scene depicted above has happened to me on a few occasions; I find myself in the middle of a climate change argument and fail as an environmentalist to properly articulate myself. When it comes to explaining my beliefs about climate change, I often find myself at a loss for words. Maybe I’m just in utter shock that it’s 2013 and I’m still surrounded by so many ignorant non believers? Regardless, those situations are very uncomfortable and I’m glad that I can now rely on my iPhone and know Mr. gore will be there to back me up–is there anything that an iPhone can’t do?

Within the past few years, I’ve noticed that the “save the environment” trend has really died out. It’s seems that people are simply over the green fad. I think many New Yorkers get confused when its 50 degrees in September and environmentalists are preaching about global warming. People need to understand that it’s climate change and for the sake of everyone’s confusion, global warming is a phrase that really needs to be phased out.

I’m very excited about this app and I think it will come in handy. I’ve taken a lot of environmental studies courses at Syracuse but obviously want to stay informed and aware of our global issue post graduation. The website is also a social media game where you earn points based on your influence. To learn more about the Reality Drop website, click here. Or watch the website’s promo video here:

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