Syracuse is Social Media Savvy

  1. My #NewhouseSM4 class welcomed guest speaker Kate Brodock, Syracuse University’s Executive Director of Digital & Social Media, to our class earlier this week. Kate oversees all of SU’s various social media accounts and discussed how Syracuse uses digital and social media to engage with its audiences. Syracuse utilizes social media really well and has established a presence on almost all major social media platforms: FacebookTwitter, Instagram, Foursquare, Pinterest and Tumblr. The only social media platform I didn’t hear Kate mention was Google+. It was interesting to learn that while Kate oversees all of the accounts, selected SU students are the ones writing, photographing and posting the content. It’s a shame that I’m graduating because I would have loved the opportunity to apply for this reputable position! I follow all of Syracuse’s social media accounts, except for Tumblr and Pinterest, and I have always been very impressed with how fresh, modern and consistent the team is with posting new information and photographs. My personal favorite social media platform is Syracuse’s Instagram account. From sports to snow to vintage #tbt, Syracuse’s Instagram account really captures the spirit of our blue and orange university. Syracuse’s Instagram page recently received recognition in an article entitled “How 10 Colleges Are Using Instagram.” I know that after graduation I’ll be especially grateful of Syracuse’s social media accounts because it will be an easy way to engage and stay updated on all of the events taking place on campus.
    Below is the Storify I created to summarize Kate’s lecture:
    #NewhouseSM4 welcomes @Just_Kate to our classroom:
  2. Sub @Just_Kate will be teaching #newhousesm4 today. She oversees a team of 8 students who maintain @syracuseu social media accounts.
  3. Learning about Syracuse’s twitter account:
  4. The @SyracuseU social accounts have a large and varied audience from students, alumni to prospective students. #NewhouseSM4
  5. today’s guest speaker in #NewhouseSM4 – @Just_Kate, Exec Director of #Digital & #SocialMedia for @SyracuseU
  6. Facebook, Twitter and foursquare were the first few platforms that popped in in the @SUiSchool says @Just_Kate #NewhouseSM4
  7. Learning about @SUcampus:
  8. You learn something new every day! Follow @SUcampus for on-going events and @SyracuseU for more announcement driven content #NewhouseSM4
  9. There are over 700 social media accounts that have Syracuse University in their name. 1/3 are inactive #NewhouseSM4 via @Just_Kate
  10. Discussing Syracuse University’s Facebook page:
  11. Visuals are very important. @SyracuseU rarely puts up posts without media link #NewhouseSM4
  12. It is very easy to throw up posts about sports, but that’s not just want @SyracuseU wants to be as a brand @Just_Kate #NewhouseSM4
  13. As many as half of @syracuseu‘s facebook fans may be alumni not on campus. How does this change the content posted to the page? #newhousesm4
  14. I was surprised to learn that SU has its own Pinterest account!
  15. Brand touch point is key on Pinterest when your content reaches someone who knows nothing about your org. @Just_Kate #NewhouseSM4
  16. Not familiar with Pinterest but interesting to see how @SyracuseU has used it as another SM outlet to brand itself #NewhouseSM4
  17. Learning about pinterest with just_kate – @oscarprgirl influenced #livepinning #newhousesm4
  18. My personal favorite Syracuse social media platform is Instagram:
  19. Follow @SyracuseU on #instagram for #tbt of archived photos from Bird Library of campus! pretty cool! #NewhouseSM4
  20. Syracuse’s Four Square account:
  21. Having Alums creating @Foursquare lists of ‘Cuse places is one way @SyracuseU is utilizing the platform #NewhouseSM4
  22. can’t wait to “check in” to the real world…oh wait, i still have a year left! #junior #college #Foursquare #NewhouseSM4
  23. Can’t wait to check into the real world @SyracuseU commencement! #NewhouseSM4
  24. Syracuse’s Tumblr account:
  25. From twitter, to facebook to tumblr SU truly has it all. #NewhouseSM4
  26. #Tumblr is an opportunity for @SyracuseU to pull prospective students through into being current students #NewhouseSM4
  27. Some final comments:
  28. “At the end of the day we’re not here for them. We’re here for our audience. And we feel pretty strongly about that” @just_kate #NewhouseSM4
  29. The perfect recipe on social media is to mix your own created content and third party content #NewhouseSM4
  30. Using tools like @hootsuite is a great way to ensure SM mishaps do not occur #NewhouseSM4
  31. Thank you for your time Kate Brodock!
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One thought on “Syracuse is Social Media Savvy

  1. Callan Young says:

    I really like your description of the event – it is a short but detailed lead in to your Storify. I would maybe add in a picture of Kate or an image within your text to create a visual for the reader, otherwise I enjoyed this post. You said you look forward to keeping in touch postgrad – do you think a lot of SU alumni actually do utilize the school’s social media platforms to stay connected to their alma mater?

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