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Crisis Communications and Social Media

If you have been following my Twitter, LinkedIn, or Google+ accounts for the past few months, you might have been wondering why “#NewhouseSM4” has been included in most of my posts. Hopefully, by now you’ve figured out that #NewhouseSM4 is the Social Media Theory and Practice class I’m taking at Newhouse. I apologize for flooding your feeds and I hope you learned a thing or two about social media!

Thanks to @Dr4WARD and our wonderful TA, @Adelynlee, this past semester I learned how to become a social media expert on some of the most modern platforms. I hope to be able to apply my new background in social media to my future career in the communications industry. Overall, I’ve become aware that the social media industry is hectic, fun and very fast paced. It constantly evolves and the only way to keep up is by being an active social media influencer on a day to day basis.

Our final requirement for #NewhouseSM4 was to collaborate in groups to educate our fellow peers on a subject that relates to social media. Since most of my team members have backgrounds in PR, we decided to create the project: “Mange Your Crisis Using Social Media.” Crisis Communications and social media are vital skills that all PR practitioners utilize. In order to obtain valid research and a better understanding on how social media is used in crisis communications, we interviewed several industry professionals. Thank you for all of your help and your contributions to our presentation: @joshmduke@michaelhayes@dcraig@MHJohnston.

My group presented our PowerPoint presentation on April 22, 2013 and the class participated using the hashtag, #NHCrisisComm.  If you weren’t able to catch our presentation in class or follow along with #NHCrisisComm, have no fear, storify is here! Below is a recap of the highlights from our presentation. Additionally, a copy our presentation was posted on SlideShare and you can view it here.

Just wanted to give a shout out to my awesome group members: @Callan_Young@RadioRashaud and @AshleyJSeigel!

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Social Media Then And Now

My first encounter with social media, not including AOL’s features, was seven years ago when my preteen friends and I decided to sign up for Friendster. Friendster is a social networking site where you interacted with friends, met new people and shared photos. Basically, it was our gateway drug to Myspace, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and today, the ever so popular Instagram.

Remember this guy?

Remember this guy?

I think social media is brilliant and I really respect the way it has evolved over the past few years. I can truly enjoy and identify with social media because it’s a way to project myself over several different mediums. Since I didn’t come out of the womb as a science or mathematical genius and lack any artistic capabilities, I was forced to search for an alternative way to express myself. Luckily for me, social media has become quite the hot commodity and it goes together quite nicely with my education in public relations. As a second semester senior, I’ve been keeping my eyes open for job opportunities. Since I really do enjoy everything I’ve learned thus far in Dr. William J. Ward’s “Social Media You Need to Know” course, I’ve been filtering my job searches to include social media. What does this mean for my future? I’m not really sure yet. All I know is that if I’m going to be working in public relations, I definitely want social media to be a part of the job description.

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