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A #NewhouseGLDSM Night at the Herg



On March 20, Newhouse presented a Global Leaders in Digital and Social Media Speaker Series in the Herg auditorium. Chuck Hemann, group director of analytics for W20 Group and co-author of Digital Marketing Analytics: Making Sense of Consumer Data in a Digital World, gave a presentation on his knowledge of how companies like Red Bull, the Hershey Company, and Intel turn big data into actionable insights about their audiences. Below is a Storify that recaps the night:

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Andrew Hetzel’s Lecture at Newhouse

On February 27, Andrew Hetzel, Vice President of Corporate Communications at Blue Cross Blue Shield, visited Syracuse to deliver a presentation. Hetzel is a proud member of our Newhouse alumni community! Hetzel’s lecture focused on “Big Data vs. Big Regulation in the Quest for Consumer Loyalty.” It was a pleasure to learn from such an accomplished professional and the audience was extremely impressed with his speech. Throughout the presentation, members of the audience used the hashtag #NewhouseGLDSM to chat and share Hetzel’s inspiring words of wisdom. Below I have embedded the Storify that highlights Hetzel’s main points throughout the evening. Enjoy! 

Prior to his presentation in the Herg Auditorium, Hetzel attended our #NewhouseSM4 class to speak with us privately. Straight off the plane and into our classroom!  Here are some of his useful tips:  View as slideshow
  1. “Do your outreaches respectfully.” –@andrewhetzel on contacting executives & professionals in any field through #socialmedia #NewhouseSM4
  2. its about reaching out in the right way, in the right time while being respectful @andrewhetzel on networking #NewhouseSM4
  3. Social Media has made a huge difference on how we can interact with people that are not normally within our reach @andrewhetzel #NewhouseSM4
  4. Oh, and on a side note:
  5. @andrewhetzel follows our class hashtag, #NewhouseSM4, and said, “It’s like getting a free education at @NewhouseSU
  6. Ready to hear @andrewhetzel again for #NewhouseGLDSM #NewhouseSM4 http://pic.twitter.com/GjC9YbNaGC
  7. At 6p.m. Hetzel met with a much larger audience to discuss “Big Data vs. Big Regulation” After a brief introduction, Andrew Hetzel takes the stage:
  8. Healthcare Big Data Conundrum ~ @andrewhetzel VP Corp Comm @BCBSM #NewhouseGLDSM #infographic http://twitpic.com/c7cj2v
  9. How deep and TRUE is this statement?:
  10. “There is no industry that is more personal than healthcare. Your life (quite literally) could be in our hands.”@andrewhetzel #NewhouseGLDSM
  11. Hetzel discusses social media and healthcare:
  12. Medical professionals have shyed away from SM because they are not easily reconciled with HIPPA, regulation #NewhouseGLDSM
  13. The change to come will be something never seen in decades. @andrewhetzel #newhousegldsm http://pic.twitter.com/Eg3lQGQkFA
  14. “Social Media is about PEOPLE. It carries the human experience” – @andrewhetzel #NewhouseGLDSM
  15. If you have a social media page, you need to engage with your audience. #NewhouseGLDSM
  16. Employees are the best ambassadors for brands. Half of @BCBSM blog contributors are employees #NewhouseGLDSM
  17. Half of the people that go to @BCBSM ‘s blog are employees…great result want employees to know what is going on #NewhouseGLDSM
  18. Hetzel discussing Blue Cross Blue Shield’s #Connect2BFit program:
  19. #Connect2BFit a great technological advancement that engages customers to live healthy lifestyles #NewhouseGLDSM
  20. I think everyone in the audience was smiling after this comment:
  21. @bcbsm you are lucky to have a top professional like @andrewhetzel on your team. He gave an amazing talk at @NewhouseSU #NewhouseGLDSM
  22. On to the Q&A portion of the evening:
  23. How to integrate social media into your company in an appropriate, safe way:
  24. Nice practical questions about healthcare employees on social media from @nwenderlich and @cabramsGPS #NewhouseGLDSM
  25. SM managers from St. Joseph’s and Crouse Hospital spoke up to ask about how to persuade senior leaders to embrace SM #NewhouseGLDSM
  26. @andrewhetzel: I learned SM is like a cocktail party. You don’t come in & shout. You circulate and listen to conversations. #newhouseGLDSM
  27. Issues of empowering employees to tweet during the work day are discussed #NewhouseGLDSM Risks include security and data regulations
  28. People’s phones are a personal gateway to SM at work #NewhouseGLDSM a growing issue in the workplace
  29. #NewhouseSM4 was very impressed with our guest speaker. Thank you Andrew Hetzel!
  30. Absolutely impressed with @andrewhetzel lecture. It feels great 2 b a @NewhouseSU student. Learned a multitude of things #NewhouseGLDSM
  31. Celebrating @andrewhetzel ‘s lecture on big data in the Herg with #newhouseGLDSM and @Suprssa . Thanks for coming! http://pic.twitter.com/iFbuNmihUt
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Here’s To New Beginnings!

First blog entry. Talk about pressure to whip up some quality writing! I started a blog called Marom Aviv one year ago in an effort to inform my friends and family on my whereabouts while abroad in Tel Aviv, Israel. However, the blog failed when I realized that I preferred to be out enjoying every moment of my incredible experience than sitting inside typing everything up. Truthfully, I was far too immersed in the Israeli culture and blogging just didn’t fit into my schedule.

Fast forward to one year later and it’s currently 2:51 p.m. on a Friday and I’m comfortably relaxing in my bed. I’m a second semester senior and I don’t feel guilty about being a bum right now because I’m VERY aware that in three months, I’ll either be searching for a full-time job or (fingers crossed) will be employed. Similarly to my time in Tel Aviv, I’m enjoying every last-minute of my fart too short college career. Anyways, I decided to change my old blog name into something more suitable for my passions for public relations and social media. Marom Aviv Media is a mix of my last name, my true love for all things related to Tel Aviv and the media world that I will soon be entering. Additionally, because I’m addicted to food photography and am passionate about climate change, I plan to include blog posts on these topics. Sorry in advance for all of the random postings but these are my areas of interest.

One piece of advice that I wish I could scream out to all underclassmen is this: declare your major early and take 15-16 credits every semester so that by the time senior year rolls around, you can qualify as a part-time student and only take a couple of classes. As a sophomore, I used my extreme organizational skills to plan out every remaining semester at Syracuse. Somehow, I managed to complete most of my requirements, receive credit abroad and as a result, I’m only enrolled in three courses. If you couldn’t tell, I’m really enjoying my chill semester. On top of all of that, I LOVE my classes. Just ask my parents; I visited home last weekend and I think I spent half our time together blabbing about my courses.

I’m currently taking three Newhouse courses: (1)Race, Gender and the Media, (2) Communications Law for Public Relations and Advertising and (3) Social Media You Need to Know. The latter class is actually the reason I decided to create this blog. Thanks to Dr. William Ward (@DR4WARD) I’m becoming an expert on all major social media platforms. Name a social media website or application and I bet I’m on it. Facebook, Instagram, Google+, LinkedIn, Vine, Klout, HootSuite and the list will grow as the semester unravels. So far, I have learned so much invaluable information and I couldn’t be happier that I am taking these courses right before I enter the real world. I’ve become a social media extraordinaire, a law nerd (I literally enjoy reading the textbook) and I’m more aware than ever before about the importance of gender and racial equality in modern-day media. All I can say is thank you Newhouse for allowing me to take such diverse and valuable courses. I look forward to writing future entries!

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